Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Of Eeyore and Pooh

I am in the middle of a really bad cold, pretty much down for the count for 5 days.  I started feeling better last night.  I could seriously do some stuff today and yet, I can't go anywhere.  My entire upper lip has formed one giant cold sore. Like a cold sore in triplicate.  Too much information?  I know.  I guess it is a good thing that I have so much yarn and so many books here.

So you know exactly what state I am in.

Even in the throws of personal gloom, there has been a lot of very positive things.

I managed another repeat of the latest pattern in my wrap.

  there will be one more complete pattern before I move on to another twisted stitch design. I am so glad I am using this yarn for it.  It just shows everything off so wonderfully.

I knit the bulk of a sleeve yesterday.

 I was at the end, close to casting off, when I realized that instead of ribbing I was knitting garter stitch.  I could have left it, but that is one of those small things that make a garment look right.  If you use ribbing everywhere else, ribbing should be at the sleeve cuffs too.  Today, sleeve 2.  It goes so much better on the right set of needles.

And that left me time for more of that contemplation thing I have been doing.  Yesterday, I contemplated this.

Madelintosh Twist Light. the multi looks a little out of place sitting there but if you take it out and open the hanks, and twist it and a couple of the greens together to really see how the colours look together, it has just the right sort of punch.  And more green that it seems in the hank.

I debated over this for a bit.  There wasn't quite enough of the green for a full sweater and I have so much yarn already for striped sweaters that I hated to add even more.  It struck me, though, that 4 of these generous skeins, 384 m each plus one of the coloured ones, would be enough for a fingering weight Shalom.  

My first Shalom bit the dust a while ago.

I wore it to death.  Cascade Eco is a great yarn, but I found it pilled heavily and the wear areas needed to be more firmly knit for a good lasting fabric.  I knit this on 5 mm needles and while the ribbed sections still looked great, the stockinette sections were in really bad shape.  I felted it a little hoping for some stability but it felted too much so done.

I am kind of eager to work with the Madelinetosh.  The richly coloured ribs surrounded by crisp greens.  Oh yes.   I can see it!

I love contemplating!  It makes me feel so much less an Eeyore and much more a Pooh. wonder what I could dream about today?

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