Monday, 18 January 2016

An Empty Bag

Today we have an empty bag.

We also have a very little bit of yarn left over.

Which means in the grand scheme of things. a sweater is complete!

 I have already woven in all the ends on it.  All the remains to be done is to find a button for the faux henley neckline bit, which you can just see peeking at the top, and a good wash and block.

I do have one other thing to do, and that is to reinforce the neckline.  This sweater, based on A Twisted Little Raglan by Anne Budd has a wide neckline.  I probably could have gone to one size smaller to start with, and knit one more row or two to make the neckline just slightly smaller, but I do like it the way it is.  It just needs to be placed on a firm backing so that it doesn't feel as if it is falling off my shoulders.  Each time I tried it on, I was wearing a turtleneck or other top and it seemed okay.  Because I plan to wear the sweater without anything under it, it is just a wee bit wider than optimal.  That is a good lesson to learn I suppose.  

Other than that one thing, I like the sweater just fine.  A good plain sweater, with just the smallest touch of something different. 

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