Thursday, 21 January 2016

Beware the Burst of Energy

After writing the post yesterday I went and had a good nap.  And then a little later, I had another.  I felt pretty logy and sluggish and just not right. I think the viruses are ganging up on me.

Anyway, I did knit in the between naps time.  I should have chosen to work on the sleeves.  I didn't, because I didn't have the energy to flip the tunic back and forth for those first early rows.  Once a sleeve is long enough, you can do a lot of knitting while the sleeve twists, before you have to turn it, but i n the early stages, no getting out of it.  You have to turn it every round.

I picked up the wrap instead.  Bad move.  You can see what happened.

I missed the last set of rows stepping down on the pattern.  I think I only noticed because I was debating bed or watch another movie and was holding the piece out and away so I could see how the almost complete set of 3 repeats of the pattern looked in relation to the other pattern.  

When I saw the error, I gave up and went to bed.  In truth, I am just relieved I noticed it before I was into a new pattern!  Note to self, if you don't feel well, pick up socks to work on, not the patterned project.

Today will be better, right?  Yes.  It will.

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