Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Well yes I love that but...

Well yes I love that but...and that is kind of how my day went.

I took the green knitting with me to stay with the kids and I even had the chance to knit some and then I got home and just wasn't quite ready to resume working on it, even though that would have been the responsible thing to do.  I have been faithful to it for  the whole weekend and I needed something a little different.


My daughter in law #1 asked me for a pair of gloves without finger tips that she could use when she is taking pictures.  She wants fingers, but not the tips because she needs them free to do all the camera adjusting and to stay out of the way of her shots.  I started them last year, using the Sweet Fern pattern from Clara Parks Book of Wool, with a marvelous yarn, Gradient from Schoppel Wolle.

It's a lovely yarn and the cables were just stunning in it, really really good, but it was not meant to be.  Gradient( the link takes you to Ravelry projects so you can see what this colour looks like worked up) has wonderful colours, BUT  The swath of white/pinks/creams leading to red was long and it hit right where the thumb began.  It was not at all what I was looking for, so I started taking shades out.  I hate doing that though because there just is no way to make the flow of colours looks smooth and clean.  I put it down, unsatisfied with the whole thing. this very nice yarn will be used for something else.

When I was out in Vernon earlier this year, and when I saw the brilliant, mind blowing power of Colour Adventure reds/oranges/yellows, I knew this was the yarn I had been waiting for, to restart this project.

and here we go.

 One or two more cable repeats and then we start the thumb gusset.  I want them to be a little longer so they go farther up her arms when she is out and about. Sadly, this is the best of a lot of bad photos of this very nice project.  I am going to try to get some sunlight pictures of it tomorrow.  Inside at night isn't doing the yarn justice at all and they are yummy enough to aim hard for really good pictures.

As a change from the heavy stuff, the slippery fine stuff, I have so not plain wool to knit and I am surely in a place like heaven.

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