Monday, 30 November 2015

Continuing apace

I sat for several hours early this afternoon and worked on the Still Light tunic.  I stopped to rest, to have a short nap and then knit another couple of hours, book ending the bulk of my day with knitting. There would have been more knitting but I spent the morning looking for a package that did not turn up where it was supposed to.   It was found but it was not where it was supposed to go at all. 

All this knitting on one project over the course of several days is making the most marvelous difference.

My hand is the just below the stitches that were put on holders for the pocket and you can see how far I have come since Friday.  Friday was the day I put the pocket bits on the holders.  It measures almost 5 inches now and that is just so exciting. It is easy knitting and takes almost no effort.  the yarn and needle combination means it just slips along.  (nickel needles and Drops Alpaca yarn.)

And when it is laid out, you can see the elegant shape of the pocket as it drapes effortlessly.  It is a wonderful design detail and the signature of the entire garment. 

The knitting looks ratty, but in a few more days, I will give it a cursory blocking.  I want her to try it on before I finish the bottom off.  I want to see if I have it the right length and if the fit is just so and doing that demands blocking.  It is such an elegant little thing...

I may be a little in love with this project again.  Might just be.

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