Wednesday, 2 December 2015

OK, then fingers

Without the tips.

I took a class once with Holly Yeoh on making gloves.  We were using her Guess Who Gloves pattern as our foundation for working up this charming little class sample.

It looks a little Mickey Mousish (Mickey only has 3 fingers) and is a horrid sample of knitting, but as I recall, the way she worked the fingers in was simply wonderful.  A lot of patterns do all the fingers on the same row but Holly puts the base of each finger at a more natural place in relation to the palm.  Well, more natural for me.

For these stunning gloves, I wanted to do that.  I have a paper copy of the pattern somewhere, in the depths of the shelves, but I have always wanted to get rid of it and get a digital copy of the pattern.  

I hate the waste of printed paper and love having patterns available to me no matter what device I am carrying with me.  That was the first thing I fell in love with when I got my first Sony ereader.  It did a really great job with pdf's.  Patterns are one of the leading reasons why I now have so much digital portability, some not used so much and others being used many times a day.  Phone, Playbook, Surface, Kobo reader, old and now wifi-less portable laptop.  The last one sure isn't new but I do have it around and I use it occasionally when everything else is charging.

(Does anyone else notice that?  That all the devices go dead at the same time?  An evil plot, perchance?)

I love having patterns available at the touch of a finger tip, and considering that I am where the little fingers base should start, I picked the pattern up. I really enjoy how easy pattern purchasing is via Ravelry and paypal or otherwise online.  It makes it a breeze!   I love how so long as I can get to Ravelry, I can get to my pattern.  I do save a copy of bought patterns to my hard drive as well, and my devices are usually loaded with copies of what I am working on just in case where I go, doesn't have wifi.  

The Guess Who Gloves are a great little pattern and even though my yarn is not fingering weight yarn, what I am looking for from it is the concept and placement of how the fingers are placed.  

Off to see if I can remember anything from the class, but fully confident that if I don't, the pattern will tell me just what I need to know!


If you get a chance to take a class with Holly, lucky you!  She is such and interesting knitter and a really great teacher.

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