Thursday, 10 December 2015

the Lorigami Gloves

I don't really have anything to say this morning, but I do have something I would like you all to see.

My friend in real life and on Ravelry. cdn, knit the most amazing this this week.  You can follow her progress on this thread from the Edmonton Knitter's Group.

It's really fascinating to watch!

What an interesting way to knit a Glove!

But besides that, I have been looking at things and wondering if one day they will just disappear.  I don't usually buy patterns till I am ready to knit, but I am starting to think that there are some where I already have the yarn, where I should buy the pattern.  These tend to be shawls or specific sweaters with features like colourwork.  I have been wandering through the pages of the many issues of Twist Collective this week when I have a minute.

Looked at that, all in a sitting or three, my sweet heavens what a magasine!  You are shorting yourself if you don't look there for things to knit.

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