Friday, 11 December 2015

Sweet Lovely time.

When I first started knitting I saved and bought patterns willy nilly.  Everytime a sweater came out that I was sure I was going to knit, I would stop right now and buy it so I had it when I was done what I was working on now.

And then I never knit them.  Some of them, I know I will never knit at all. Some of them are still maybe's but honestly, the way things go, I would forget I had the pattern and would buy it again. And shawls?  Even in shawls, my tastes have changed somewhat, though I still hope to knit the ones I bought long ago, just not tomorrow. 

Things change and I came to realize that there is always another sweater or shawl on the horizon to love. About 3 years into my heavy knitting career,  I stopped pre-buying single patterns for anything. I did buy books, though over time, even that turned into a tendency to buy books that were more technique based or historical rather than just be a wonderful grouping of patterns.  

When I sat down to gamble through Twist Collectives collection of patterns, I really was intending to look at things and dream of more hours in the day.  But the more I started thinking about it, the more sense it made to me to purchase the things I already had yarn for. Like this wonderful sweater.

I would put photos in, but since this blog is written on the fly, there hasn't been time to ask the designer if I might use the photos.

And then, well, then there is this shawl.  Trousseau.  I have loved this shawl from the moment I saw it.  I love how it changes directions.  I have a skein of particularly precious skein of Alpaca with a Twist Fino that was given to me by one of the friends who kind of led me to knitting. It has taken a long while to decide on a pattern.  It took a longer time to understand that it was time to knit up the really precious stuff so I may have the joy of wearing it.

It only seemed right to purchase Celestarium too.  I have 3 skeins of Zitron Filigran in a soft dusty denim like blue.  I originally bought it to make a Shipwrecked Shawl, but I know me.  I would give up knitting the lace at the end when I was tired and lose the whole purpose of the shawl, which is, the flow and drape of the end lace.when I saw Celestarium, I knew it was really the shawl the yarn had been wanting.  I already have the right beads too, and plenty of them due to a mega "gosh these silver lined beads are cheap and who know when you might need a gallon of silver lined clear beads" purchase years ago. Celestarium and a shawl of the night sky will be mine.

And then I had yarn bought on a whim for Courant.    My good friend, Frazzledknitter, loves Icelandic Wools and Einband and led me to it kicking and screaming.  Kicking and screaming because I could not get there fast enough.  Once I knit with Einband, and particularly, once I wore Einband, I was caught.  About the same time the pattern came out, she had a colourcard of einband, and I saw two colours that just had to be together a teal and a kind of mustardy yellow green. The yarn was in my hands almost before I knew it, and all I am waiting for is the time to knit it.  Why not get the pattern now?

Yesterday was pattern-a-paloozza here at Chez Needles and I can't wait to work on each and every one of these.  I have the needles.  I have the yarn.  All I need is time. Sweet lovely time.   

It is all well and good but I also need time for 4 Jahereszeiten - Herst and the Dancing Reindeer Shawl both of which I also have they yarn, specifically purchased for the pattern, and the patterns, so like I said, time.

I wonder if Santa will bring me time in my stocking this year.  It is really what I need most of all.

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