Wednesday, 9 December 2015


I may have shown you my doilies before but I guess you are going to see them again.  Just because they are out and I think of them lately and for a very specific reason.  And because digging them out yesterday meant they were there.
My mother in law made this one for me.  She loved spirals.  Her tablecloth was made of little ones.  she was a very tight crocheter and somewhere back in time I washed this, and it shrank just enough that I cannot block it decently at all.  I tried to save it but it really isn't possible.

the rest of these are all my work.  Loosey goosey.  That is me.  I have washed them many times and after the last move or wash, they were set aside and not blocked again.  

 This had a ruffle edge which made it hard to use, but I sure did like the center of it.  It might get to be a pillow top someday.

 This very large round one is my favourite of all time.  It is a very good condition and though I doubt that I will block it right now, I will keep it just because.
 This poor tiny one is one of my favourites from a book on small doilies by Elisabeth Hiddleson.  I managed to buy the book online a while ago, so I have no hesitation tossing this broken version away.  I can recreate it if I want to.

And then my angel.  I love this angel.  I made her so long ago as a table top piece.  She sat on our tv back when tv's were large cabinets taking up whole corners of your room.  Then she became a tree topper.  she had a little wreath and a light strung through her hands and a halo of gold.  

I blocked her for stiffness using glue, which was probably the dumbest thing I ever did.  I don't know if she is all glue though, but I know her hair is certainly glue.  I remember how much I hated doing that part and how difficult it was to get her bun at the back of her head to stay in place.  She needs a good cleaning and I am debating trying to get the glue out.  The internet says a vinegar soak and scraping might work.

So, I am debating giving it a shot.  Or I might just try to recreate her.  The pattern is long, long lost. but she would be easy enough to recreate using the item itself.  

I think about doing one or the other of this so she could top my pretty red and white tree.  She might be too big for the skinny tree in my study, but she could certainly handle the tree in my living room.

A someday project for when life is a little quieter.  Hahaha.  I laugh at this because I am not working, I seem to be more or less retired and I feel swamped just with the babysitting I do a couple times a week.  I need an attitude adjustment. 

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