Thursday, 3 December 2015

Fingers one, done

The first fingerlets are done and I think they turned out very well.

 But I have to say, I much prefer mitts.  Fingers are picky detaily work.  Still these are nice, and once all the ends are sewn in will be a very comfortable pair of fingerless gloves.

In the afternoon one of my tasks was cleaning out this drawer unit.  I have had this unit for a good long while.  It has been the home of my Zauberball and my Noro Sock and lace yarns. It stored a rather surprising amount of yarn.

Box one.  There are two sweater quantities in this box of yarns, and several balls of lace weight Noro.
 And this one is Noro sock yarns and a whole layer or Zauberballs underneath.  The end yarns are a sweater quantity.  I love that soft chocolate and naturals colourway.

And then there was this.  This is forgotten yarn.  I remember everything about it and still hope to do the little summer top I planned for it, but I sort of forgot it had been pulled out lo so many years ago.  Its like finding and old friend.  It is Fleece Artist Seawool and the plan was to strand all 4 skeins and make a simple little summer top to pop over something plain.

The drawer unit is being pressed into use in the living room.  I have divested myself of over large end tables, and haven't quite decided what I need or want.  My office drawer unit is also being put to service as and end table.  

Or it will be as soon as it stops hosting the blob.  Oh yes.  The blob.  I had kind of forgotten about the blob.

Hangs head and accepts fate.  Must face the blob on the weekend. Sigh


Sel and Poivre said...

I have true affection for the blob! I imagine it like the big, awkward kid who grew faster and further than the others who still remain cute and frankly, manageable.

Brendaknits said...

WOW. NExt time I nneed yarn, I'm shopping at your house.