Monday, 7 December 2015

Mitten two

On the way to completing this project, I found that knitting the fingers more than on the first glove was required.

For the first glove, the first set of fingers was done on too few stitches.  It worked, but once on, there were large holes at the join to the hand and everything seemed to pull and stretch as far as it possibly could.  

For glove 2, I used more stitches on each finger, just one or two, but there was a huge difference in fit and in the size and number of gaps where the fingers joined the hand.

 Glove one was reknit. Lesson learned.

You may have noticed the thumbs are folded down and wondered at that.  She asked for these gloves last year for picture taking.  She wanted something warm, with no finger tips so that she could make the adjustments she needed.  She was also concerned about warmth. We decided to make a flip up top to turn everything into mittens

I love how the tips worked out.  All that is left is to sew them on the right place on the glove for my daughter in laws long slender hand.  BUT...

What about the thumb? You can see a really long ungainly looking thumb on the picture up there.   It looks kind of alien and well, weird.

Usually, when you make a topper for your glove, the thumb usually is a normal completely covered thumb.  That won't work for these. The thumb is used as she adjusts camera settings.  If I knit a regular thumb, each and every time she needed to do something, she would have to take off the gloves, totally defeating the purpose.

We talked over the thumbs, and have decided that we are going innovative.

 The goal for thumbs is to make it just over the tip of her thumb for warmth.  Then when she is out, it can just be folded back so that the tip is exposed. The thumbs are currently very long, but that is so I could do all the rest of the finishing and custom fit the legnth.

I hope to get some modeled shots later today, once the tops are sewn on and you can see how it all works.

I had some fun with these, even with a deadline.  Now on to a kids sweater and maybe a little something else for me for fun.

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