Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas was

After all that angst, Christmas happened and here we are.  

I debated on a palette cleanser and ended up with something completely different that has been on the plans for heaven knows how long.

A couple of years ago, I decided I needed to work from the books I have rather than buy single patterns.  I have done so in some ways and I have not done so in others.  I planned projects for sure, to the point that my plans match my stash and there will never be enough time to knit it all.

One of the things I planned was to knit Sally Melville's Shape It! scarf from her book, The Knit Stitch  The yarn I had set out for it was Louisa Harding's Impression.  It isn't my normal kind of yarn and yet here it is in my stash, for years.  I think it was originally purchased for my mom before I knew she was particular about the fibre she wore and itchiness.  Mohair was a no go.  

Impression is a tape yarn made of nylon with a mohair threaded alongside.  It feels quite yummy, smooth and slippery and it is interesting to work with.  It is a completely different feel from everything that I have been working on and a 100 percent palette cleanser.

In the skein, it has a soft greenish mohair haze, but worked up, it is quite different, much more yellow in colour overall than I expected.

I am very ok with that.  I used to wear a lot of yellow and it is time for some bright spots of yellow in my wardrobe, though there are enough other colours in this for it to be an every colour sort of project.

I will finish the scarf up today I expect.  The long ends are about 2 inches wide so far and another 4 inches width across all the stitches that should be just about right.  I have enough yarn to do more but I am aiming for the right scale and proportion in relation to the wide triangular section of my scarf, rather than following the pattern exactly.

Yes, even on a scarf.  Winging it.

As the New Year approaches and the Christmas that was fades to memory,  it's good to be knitting, completely without any self imposed pressure, to be knitting just because there are days and yarn and I can.

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Christine said...

That's a scarf I've always wanted to knit, too. Yours looks beautiful, and like it will go with a thousand different outfits. I finished the body of my Antler sweater yesterday, I am a little unsure of how I like it so it may get changed (shortened? Different contrast yarn? Ditch the curved hem?) but the first prototype is done, at least. On to the sleeves!