Tuesday, 22 December 2015

3 inches on a sleeve.

Not as much knitting happened as you would expect.  I think that is because I am getting a little weary of small diameter green rounds.

I sure would like something more exciting but I have no idea what.  I need a palette cleanser.  

It really is still that there are too many things from the rest of life that intrude.  They are ugly fiscal things and I am having a very very difficult emotional time getting through these them.  Fiscal things should never have an emotional toll, but this one thing does.

It's about the things that make a marriage work, about the kind of cooperation that it takes to make a marriage and about the give and take that keeps you strong. It opens places that I made my peace with in my marriage and it reawakens some pretty strong negative feelings about certain people and the way things were then and the way things are now. It opens up questions about so many things that are unanswerable.

It is a thing and a place I simply cannot deal with and stay rational and sane. I am going to ask my brother if he will clear it up for me.  I need to put some space between it and me.

I would really rather be working on a small green tube of sleeve.  Even more, I would love to be dreaming of palette cleanser knitting and what that might be.

I'm thinking of some Shibiu or maybe some Superior Cashmere.  Possibly some lace.  Maybe some lovely Eden or even better some Adam and Eve.  A nice soft silvery gray Adam and Eve.

I feel much calmer just thinking about it small good things that I can touch and feel and that I understand.


Christine said...

My palate cleanser knitting is dishcloths. You are clearly a more sophisticated knitter than I! The green yarn as it shows in this post's photo is so stunning, I could look at it all day. Yummy! I hope the other business you allude to is off your plate soon. Best wishes for a peaceful Christmas, my dear friend. I will be thinking of you.

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh yes, the way nasty things intrude into the knitter's mind...I know that situation well - especially after someone (or in my case, mulitple someones) passes. Many of my such things were resolved, but some, I just needed to accept, when I was ready and then, by virtue of being accepted, they stopped intruding and a new reality came to pass and there was peace on my needles. Hang in there!

Brendaknits said...

S&P is right. Some things are just not worth the energy. I always say that one only has so many opportunities in life to let their blood pressure soar before you have a stroke Pick and choose those times carefully.
BTW - are you knitting that tunic in my size - it is my colour afterall.