Monday, 23 November 2015

More hats!

I have one more hat to go here on this hat-a-palozza I have been on.  It will look a lot like this.

I finished this much knit yarn hat on Friday afternoon and will be completing its twin today. They are the same colour and the same monkey topper for my two little boys. My wee boys are both monkeys in their own inimitable ways.

 I finished this hat for Carter on Saturday.  I wasn't going to make but one hat for each of my kiddies, but this one was by special request.  His other Grandma and Pappa liked the way his first Aviator fit and wanted another. How could I not?  It is, just like Cassie's yellow hat, knit out of Inca from Fibranatura with car buttons, not dinosaurs.

Blob knitting continues.  I finished sleeve one and moved on to sleeve two.  I am so excited.  It feels like this project might just end!  It did not get a lot of attention, but enough to get a good start on sleeve two.
 It kind of looks like it is an octopus wrapping its tentacles around a prey doesn't it?

And yes.  Grandpuppy.  They had a lovely pup last year, but the pup got sick and could not be saved.  This pup is not a purebred but a 3 breed cross.  All of her formative breeds are herding dogs and she is going to be a really really good keeper of the kids.  She already guards them when somebody she isn't familiar with comes up the stairs.
I have stolen this picture, quite shamelessly, from my daughter in law.  

I will pay penance, because the next thing on the list is Fern fingerless mittens for her.  I started those last year, but lost confidence in the yarn's colour gradient.  I have chosen a new yarn for them.  I think it will have the lovely lofty cable-ability that the first yarn did, and I am certain of this yarns colours.  All bright clear strong and oh just so lovely.  After hats, I am really looking forward to it!

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