Friday, 20 November 2015

It's official.

I am tired of knitting hats.

The day was spent chasing cats, kids, and puppies and keeping them out of each other's hair and knitting in between, till I decided to harness Marcus to try the hat on.  It was pretty and a mix of my favourite colours.  Easy Peasy right?  Marcus even cooperated.

Unfortunately, the hat did not.

It was too small, Same hat as before with 6 stitches removed rather than the recommended number of neven less, same needles.  The only thing wrong is I am knitting more firmly.  Sigh

It was ripped out, the stitches added back in, knitting recommenced,  and I am about where I was when I ripped it out.  They will be done, but not without frustration it seems.

1 comment:

Christine said...

You have a new grandpuppy! This is very exciting! Also, I sympathize with the hat situation.