Tuesday, 24 November 2015


It snowed yesterday.  It is supposed to snow. It's winter.  I guess that is normal.

But I don't have to like it.

I will be outside shoveling.  Or something like that.

OK, I haven't tried to shovel yet.  My neighbour did it for me.  He is nuts, if I may be so bold as to say that and I love that about living here.  All these nutty people making me feel cared for.

One of the guys bought a blower last year, just a leaf blower, but he used it to do a whole lot of snow clearing.  My plan is to use one I bought earlier in fall to keep my deck clean and to do the small snows.  I had it all set up to go out and do it, till I was ready to plug it in.  The plug was built up so that it could only be used with a single ended plug.  I had to go out for an appointment, and then came back and did some plastic surgery on the plug end.  Good to go I thought.

I went out to try it.  I was so full of excitement and the feeling that yes I could do this.  I really could take care of the outdoor stuff, or at least some of it. Flipped the power switch and...No power.  No sound.  No blowing.  The outdoor plug is dead. I checked.  I came back inside and plugged the unit into a standard outlet.  Works fine.  Checked the breakers.  All is good.  The plug is really dead.

My get up and go left as fast as it came.  I will sort it out later, after I have coffee.  Because when all the world is falling apart, knitting and coffee are all that keeps me sane.

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Brendaknits said...

A friend of mine moved into a condo. When I asked her what motivated her to do s she said "We had a very big dump of snow last winter and I was outside shovelling when I thought - who am I trying to impress that I can still, at 73, shovel snow?' So she moved. LOL. I thought that was aptly put.