Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A little bit of magic.

I was sitting last evening watching TV and knitting when I realized that I have nothing to show off this morning, and nothing to say.  It isn't like I didn't do anything this weekend, but the knitting is pretty darn plain.  I worked on the blob.  Sleeve one (I wish I could say 2) is about 20 rows from completion.  I worked like a demon on it on Saturday.  Sunday I picked up and knit on my Bridgewater shawl.  Laceweight is good therapy for the heavy thick needles of the blob.  I also went to brunch and chatted with my son while he did tall guy chores, like changing batteries on the smoke detectors.

Yesterday, though I played.  
This is my silly tree, one of those full height, pencil slim trees that you figure will just look odd.  I bought it on impulse because...well...it fit?  Or something like that.  In truth, even as I worked getting my storage space up to snuff, I dreamed of feeling Christmas again.  I need to feel Christmas again, a big hearty Christmas.

2011 and 2012s Christmas were given over to knee surgeries and I barely had time to get any shopping done, 2013 I barely remember, and 2014, a Christmas of slow reawakening.  This year I really want Christmas, my old Christmas feelings, and cookies and Christmas cake, and the music. 

My shopping is almost done.  It is always best to get that part right out of the way early. And now, in the most meandering way, once the shopping is done, the decorating begins and winds itself through November, so that December can be all about magic. 

This slightly goofy looking, skinny tree in my study, brings Christmas here, where I sit most often on long dark days, to keep the magic of my Christmas in my heart. 

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Anonymous said...

May you be blessed with those Christmas feelings!,,, gy