Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A yellow hat

The other day my granddaughter Cassie, pulled a big yellow ball of chunky yarn out of my basket and said she wanted a yellow hat.

I had planned only the pink hat for her this year, but I went along with it because days later, she is still asking for her yellow hat.  

The big ball of yellow was Inca, from FibraNatura.  I made a baby blanket for Carter out of it and it was a great kiddie yarn.  It held up well under ordinary washer and dryer care.  It would make a great hat.  But what pattern for a chunky yarn?

I've been working with what I have pattern-wise, so it quickly became clear that it needed to be an aviator hat.   

  I am not sure of the buttons I have used yet.  They are small and most people finish them off with big buttons.  I choose little dinosaurs because we growl and play scarey dinosaur all the time.  Perhaps some embroidery around the little dinosaurs?  That feels wrong.  Good as it is I think.

But a hat is a hat and that is that. 

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