Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Speak Your Peace

It was an odd day yesterday.  I was overcome by the need to bake and clean.  The need to clean is always an oddity here at Chez Needles and should be remarked upon.  I cleaned up enough to bake and resisted all further impulses.  My neighbor came to tea after lunch and I helped her with a wee bit of a knitting conundrum too, so the day was lovely, but it was not what I was planning.   

The other odd thing was that I misplaced the needle for Ripstick.  It, the needle, being off till I start the neck edging, has gone on a bit of a wander and I am going to be a bit hard pressed till I find it, to finish.  I can do sleeves because they need a shorter cable or dpns, so that will be my next step.

In the meantime, I picked up the other ball of my pretty stripey yarn, figuring to pop another Geek sock on my needles.  

This is the photo on the original ball of yarn.  I saw the colours and the strong contrasts and felt it would be perfect for Geek Socks.  Only , now that I have knit a pair using the Geek Socks pattern, I know that it isn't. Not for a premium looking pair anyway.

I started the toe and knew pretty quickly that I completely loved what was happening.  Hot pink and peppy orange are so right together.

With the subtle colour changes, I started to wonder if my geeky plans were right for the yarn.  

Geek socks need at least 3 rows of solid colour to show off the very cool pattern. This yarn is showing more of a shifiting effect, where the colour seems to change subtly halfway through a row and then go back to the original colour.  It looked more like the sort of thing you want when you are looking for a softer colour change.

I decided to knit a few rounds.

I don't think it is going to do it.  Not for Geek Socks anyway.  I pulled out a bunch more yarn to see what was coming down the pipes so to speak. 

 Next up is a lovely neapolitan ice cream section.  It looks yummy enough to eat and I love it.  But not for Geek Socks.

Sometimes you have to let the yarn speak it's piece.

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Anonymous said...

Needles I loved your comment about cleaning just enough to bake. That is so funny. Mainly because a week ago I pretty much did the same thing and I don't regret it either. I really enjoy your sense of humour and life balance which is just Right On! Time is precious and time knitting is well spent.

I liked your colourful socks. I'm late to the party regarding the "afterthought heel" in socks. For years I avoided socks and last year made a couple of pairs of regular socks. They turned out fine but I have not used this method. Do you find this type beneficial?

Enjoy the Thanksgiving ahead!