Sunday, 13 September 2015

Mostly done

A weekend brings at least one mostly finished object.  

I know it must strike you that a 'mostly finished' object isn't really done, but it is and this is why.

Years and years ago, I crocheted a great big, single granny square blanket.  (the link takes you to a post about it from long long ago) 

I made the entire thing in one sitting watching a marathon showing of the entire 'Ken Burn's Civil War' .  I loved that blanket but it was stolen (again) from me by one of my dastardly devious sons, when he said 'Mom, can I have that blanket?' and took it.  I have always wanted another.

In January of this year, I was digging into the stash and found a yarn that I could do it with. Originally, I thought I would make the blanket huge, but in truth, there is a problem with having afghans that are too large.  Unless you are lying down, fully snuggled under them, a full sized one is just too much fabric. I sledom am laying down watching tv.  That is prime knitting time!  I usually cover my lap and knees and have a pile to trip in at my feet.  As I was working this one, I realized that I didn't have to make it work for anybody but me, so I started thinking of it as a lap sized afghan.

And then it got a little complicated.

The more I worked, the more I realized that I was going to have tons of yarn left if I made a lap sized afghan.  I started wondering if there was going to be a sweaters worth left or a vests worth. And then I started thinking that the very last thing I needed was a blanket of extra big size and almost enough for something else.  I hate that point where you are a couple balls short. My hatred of running out shows up in my stash  no matter what class of yarn you look at.  I started with 24 skeins of this yarn (Elann's long gone Peruvian Highland Wool) and I need 14 or so for a sweater, depending on the sweater details.   

When I was cleaning last week, I realized I had 16 balls of yarn remaining. I spent a few days thinking about that, deciding if I wanted to try for a sweater sometime.  I also had to decide if the blanket was big enough.  A too small blanket would be just as useless as an unfinished sweater.  

Just right.

So, I worked till one solid round of DC was complete and I am calling the blanket 'mostly done'.  When the rest of the yarn is used for a sweater, if there is anything left, I will add more rounds of double crochet.  That is the cool thing about crochet.  You can add on without worrying too much about it.  You can just add.

So there you are.  Mostly done, the great big granny number two.

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Brendaknits said...

Perfect plan and the blanket looks great.