Friday, 11 September 2015


I have no real excuse why I was walking in the dark but it is a long habit and it is stupid.  Mr. Needles was never a happy camper if you woke him from a sleep suddenly.  He would wake, snarling. He would have been great in those emergency situations calling for immediate battle back in cavemen days or if a bear got in the house.  But you did not ever wake him suddenly from a sleep.  Everybody in the house knew that. His normal kind gentle heart was completely missing on being woken suddenly from a deep sleep.  Very scary.  

Over the years, I became used to wandering around the house in the dark. so that I wouldn't wake him.  I still do it.  Or I did till this morning.  Over done, not doing that again.

I left my playbook with its alarm set on my study desk.  When it went off, I had to get up to find the blessed thing to turn it off.  I intended on going back to bed and sleeping for another couple of hours.  I tripped walking to my desk.

I had no idea what I landed on, but I knew that I was up against my display cabinet.  All I could think about as I heard the crush against the cabinet, was 'please don't break the glass, please don't break the glass'.  I had visions of being covered in shards of glass, dolls, and the oily stuff that is inside music boxes.
The glass is fine.  The cabinet did not move at all.  Even the picture, standing on top, is still standing. No harm I thought for a second.  Till I turned on the light.

My Victoria wheel.  Destroyed.

 You should not be able to see this part of the flyer shaft bearing at all.
 This part should be attached to the above part.  They are actually one part.
 Broke the orfice too.
and to top it all off, broke the flyer too. May even have bent the flyer shaft.

I am thinking about going to have a little cry.  I'm also thinking of going out for coffee this morning.  And desert.  Does anybody serve chocolate caramel cake with ice cream for breakfast?  


PS  Only the wheel was harmed.  I am fine except for what is sure to be a spectacular set of bruises topped by a bit of a scrape. Thank you to all the lovely people looking out for me. 


Christine said...

Oh nooooooo!! Have you phoned Shuttleworks? Could the parts be replaceable? I am sure there must be a way to fix things. Meanwhile, I hope you find your cake!

Patty Lee said...

I am so sorry about your wheel. I hope you will be able to get parts to fix it. More importantly, how are you? I hope you didn't hurt yourself too badly.

Sel and Poivre said...

I don't know the first thing about spinning wheels but surely the parts can be replaced. Imagine how badly you could have cut yourself had you gone through the glass then there'd be no spinning or knitting or crocheting or anything maybe ever again for goodness sakes!

So glad to see you are taking the matter right to the top for rectification...the Bakery!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I was afraid as I read. Hope the spinning wheel can be fixed. Hope your scrapes and bruises heal quickly. I'd have loved to have a coffee and desert with you. GD