Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Mail or something like it.

I love receiving mail and things like mail.  Ok, I really love receiving not mail but packages of things from Amazon.  Now that I live in a town like place, without a long driveway, the driver leaves my packages on my doorstep or tucked just inside the door frame.  

I got one yesterday and barely had time to look at it.  Yesterday was busy busy busy.  Once I was home to stay, I did peak though and was completely delighted in what I found.

I got a copy of Custom Socks by Kate Atherly.  The Knit Girllls reviewed Custom Socks on their episode 266 but I had already ordered it.  What they said is right, though.  Its really a must have kind of book.  All I have done so far is scanned and read notes on the sidebar of some of the patterns and I have learned a few things.  I love that.  When a reference book teaches in moments you know you have a winner.  

And there are great socks designs in the book too. Most of them are something I can see myself doing.  They are beautifully photographed, not just for style, but to show off the details of construction. The Wellesley pattern has a complete case study of all the design details, that will help aspiring designers but will also inform those of us who need to adjust in almost every pattern.   

Pretty darn pleased with it so far.  I suspect more good things to come as I read through it.

The other little knitting treat I picked up for myself is Increase Decrease by Judith Durant.  I haven't really looked at this one at all but for a few minutes this morning, but I have high hopes for it as a compendium of increases and decreases.  I was pretty pleased with their Cast on Bind off in format and in content.  No book will ever get every single way out there, but these are a very good place to start.   

Both of these are reference books that I think, will stand the test of time.

And just a little note, if you are looking for pattern books for sweaters, do check out Hampstead House Books.  They have a couple of really great sweater books in the crafts section this month.  
Lots of other good things too.  Keep in mind they are remaindered books, so you have to make up your mind  and order.  Waiting means they may have sold out.

Anyway, there were a few other things in the package, but not knitting things and they will wait for another day.

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