Monday, 31 August 2015

What a guy gets up to on the weekend.

Sometimes you go out and do stuff on the weekend.  Sometimes, you stay in and have a nice quiet weekend at home, where the biggest thing you do is knit.  And then there are times when the sorting and ordering just goes a little bit too far.

I started my day, goofing around with what was at hand.  Sadly there still is a lot of 'that yarn' at hand.  I did this.

There might be one more basket in me, but not today. There certainly is another basket in the remainders of this yarn.  I have a small and private nightmare that the next time I go into the wool room, I will find two more skeins of this.  Sweet Heavens, I hope not.

Because there is so much yarn remaining, I also started this.

It's the base for a grocery bag.  I didn't go looking for a pattern yet, but I have a good part of a base started.  I like a solid bottom on bags.  I think I am going to wing it and use and old 'purse' stitch from my old Stichery book, slap a sturdy top and some handles on it and call it good.

I was watching a movie so I decided to do a little something till it was done.  I have one of these for all my bits and pieces. 

Trouble is, there is so much in that middle drawer that looking for a single stitch marker when you really need one is a pain.  The middle drawer is out right now

because the plan is to put all those things that I need less often into this,

things like point protectors, and tip covers, and cable needles and extra scissors and so on.  I am pondering going back to get a couple more of these for my traveling knitting kits.  The box would be much tidier than what I have now and could fit everything I routinely take along.  

Mission accomplished.

And then the urge to organize just took off and went nuts.

There were times through the afternoon where I couldn't even get out of the living room at all.  I worked till close to midnight and I am still only half done.  Every book has been taken off the shelves and been dusted.  Every surface has been wiped.  Every corner has been vacuumed.  Furniture has been moved.  Now all the bazillions of books and movies need to go back onto the shelves.  A knitting corner needs to be re-established.    

It will all settle eventually.  I have no idea if I am going to like it or if it will work in this house, but it feels different.  Maybe that is all that matters.  That it feel different.  

I don't know when I have had had so much fun all on my own, messing about in my stuff.  There will be further sorting and ordering to do.  There are some books that need reviewing.  There are some boxes to shift and to go through.  There is a stack of papers too. Plenty to keep me busy, but there will still be a little time for fun.  Maybe even some time to knit too.

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