Wednesday, 2 September 2015

And some days we

tie up loose ends and have tea!

That is exactly what I did yesterday.  I finished the big living room clean sort and order of 2015. and then a good friend who I have not seen for far too long, came to tea.  I really enjoyed the visit.

That room is clean.  Beyond clean.  Cleaner.  Well, except for windows.  My windows are a mess.

I lived in a forest for 20 years and there really was not very often where the sun shone in directly enough that it drove you to distraction.  I confess that here, with all my lovely light, I need to wash windows.  At least the ones that get direct sunlight.  Because really, though I have a high tolerance for dirt, and disorder, there is something unseemly about my windows.

My mom is probably shouting hallelujah.  Figuring out my windows today is going to be my big task.  They are supposed to be the kind that you can tip in to clean.  I'm almost looking forward to it!

At the same time, I am not going to do too much.  I haven't knit anything but the few rounds on the bottom of that grocery bag in 2 days.  I am almost ready to switch out my double points for a circular needle.  Knitting is going to become much more fun once I do that and it shouldn't take too long to get to where I want to start the purse stitch.  

So 2 goals;  figure out the windows and find the right short circular.  It feels like a return to normal.

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