Thursday, 27 August 2015

After a day of big, I do little

A little crochet that is.  

I spent the morning knitting, but then had just kind of had it with that.  There is always a point in a sweater where I just want to turf the whole thing, that point where I am done with it.  I won't leave the red sweater because it is quite stunning, but I did set it aside today for something a little different.

I picked up some of the detritus at my feet.  The accumulated number of projects and yarns by my knitting spot is getting out of order and that kind of bugs me.  I am in an order producing mode and I just needed to get some things out of the way.

So I picked up a small project that has been nagging me to finish it.  I don't know that I have ever shown it before.  If I did, it was merely a flat almost square piece of bottom fabric.  It sat as a sober almost square for a very long time.  According to Ravelry it has sat that way since May 9, when I started it immediately after finishing the large crocheted basket I made, shown below.

The remainders of the yarn and the partial bottom took over a large section of this same basket and I just really want to get these bits and pieces of things cleared up.  Plus, in organizer mode, I really wanted the baskets for socks so that my dresser drawer has a prayer of staying tidier.

So I picked up that bottom and finished basket number 1.  Square base of single crochet, singles on the sides till it was tall enough, and then a row of double crochet and a couple rows of singles to finish nice and firm.

Let's see if I can show you the sides.

I am very pleased with it.

However, when I went through those boxes last week, I found another skein and a half of the yarn.  I could also use more baskets for sorting and since there seems to be a lot more of this yarn,  I did another basket.

Hmm, this second basket needs to be firmed up a little on top.  I planned to have the top folded over but it isn't quite tall enough for that.  It will have to go back to the drawing board and get another row of double crochet and then a couple of single rows to firm it up before folding or I am going to have to give it another firm row where I decrease a few stitches to make it sit a little better.

Still, it looks great from the side.

This basket base was the same, a single crochet square, and the lower basket is single crochet all around.  I did try to give it front post crochet corners to make it more decidedly square but that only worked marginally well.  Even so, warts and all, it is good enough to be a sock drawer organizer basket.  

Most distressingly, I still have yarn enough for at least one more basket.  Not that I am getting tired of this yarn...much.  I am tired.  Seriously tired.  Deeply desperately tired of it.  Note to self.  If you see large quantities of cotton yarn on a huge sale a major chain store, ignore it.  You are giving yourself permission.  

I will measure and see what will work.  It has to fit in the drawer and the dresser drawers are not that deep. I think what I have will do the trick.  Maybe grocery bags?  Somewhere out there, I recall seeing a large grocery bag that tied up and stored itself into it's own little bag.   Knitty perhaps?  Oh well.  Another day, another basket. Or bag.  Not a bad way to end a week.

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