Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Staying quiet today

Finally, today, I get to stay home.

I have loved the last few days, charging here and there, traveling willy nilly, surprising people and having good visits along the way.  I have loved that.  But today?  Today is going to be just for me.

At home.  Alone.  I intend to address a few things that have been building or sitting for too long.

I intend to get this done.

In truth, that one is done.  It's the other one that I mean to get to.  When I first moved my wheel to the front room, I spun everyday, but in the last two weeks, things have just been too crazy to really spend anytime at all on the wheel.

Then there is the monster in the back.

I have only worked on this one day since I set it up again.  Needs to be worked on a whole lot more if I intend to sleep under it this winter.  And I do need to sleep under it.  The comforter I am currently using is a nice warm thing that was left after my kids grew up and moved out. It is ancient and the fabric is shredded at the ends. It desperately needs replacing.

And then my pretty pretty Ripstick.  That is the only thing that seems to get worked on and even that is only a few rows the last couple days. It would take decades to finish a sweater if you only knit a row or two a day. I need to have a good sit down solid getting it done sort of day right across the board.

I can't seem to settle or sit the last few days.  Just too many interruptions and not nearly enough recharging time.  Today will be a day to address these things that are overwhelming and then I can address the things I would rather do. Recharge.  Resettle. that kind of day.

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