Thursday, 27 August 2015

Doing stuff

and not getting done.  

I did stuff yesterday.  Not knitting stuff though.  Not even sewing stuff but stuff did get done.

I repotted two plants.  I enjoyed my outdoor plants so much this year, that I decided to give some indoor ones a try.  I am a very long long way from the young me who once had 40 plants in a small apartment living room.  I have lovely light here and deep window ledges and I mean to make use of them! Just a what seems to be a small variety of fern and a dracena, the kind that you can cut shoots and repot endlessly to make a large bushy shrubby thing for indoors.  I am also going to try to bring in an ivy and see if I can get some of my geraniums to sprout too.  I have the pots ready for that even if the time isn't quite right for it yet.  There is another couple of weeks growing season outside and I miss when the posts are empty.

And then I put up a cabinet in my bathroom.  I knew it was going to be a pain, which is why it sat so long undone.  It was and I ended up needing the help of one of my boys.  I cooked dinner for him in return.  He also fixed my card reader and it's working just fine.

About as close as I got to knitting yesterday was the 2 rows I knit first thing in the morning while the coffee was brewing and then later in the day I did this.

 I had the Noro from Prairie Lily out to play with too.  

It was my whole summer of yarn.  I just played and dug in it and petted it.  I can't wait to work with it and the thousands of other metres in my wool room.  

the one thing I do know is that this summer of yarn was all about the golds and reds.  I must be in search of rich eye catching colours.  

Next up in knitting for me, is a little topper for mom's dress.  She picked up this fantastic dress a few weeks ago, and needs a light little bolero topper for with it.  I have a couple of swatches to do up for a test of texture patterns but in some ways, plain stockinette would be better, That is up next in the knitting front.  

Ripstick moves ever along.  It just doesn't change a lot in looks right now.  Another few days of knitting and the hemline gets interesting but till then, its just a lot of pretty plain knitting.  Good knitting, but plain and not very photogenic.

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Brendaknits said...

Helpful sons. Aren't they great?