Friday, 17 July 2015

Of Bargains and Unfortunate Things

Sometimes a bargain can be an unfortunate thing.

One of the ladies here in the knit group found a hank of very pretty novelty yarn in a discount bin at a bog box craft store.  There was not brand label on it, but there was a handwritten label on it with all the pertinent information.

I was going to help her wind it and we thought it would be okay, but at some point in it's past life, It had been twisted and mangled and was in a pretty sad state.

It actually looks pretty decent here, but hidden in it's depths it was a misery of  twisting, writhing strings.What made it so hard to handle was that most of it was 2 strands that were not spun together, just carried together and when the ball was handled and lost its band in the store, some of those ends became entangled with other strands of yarns, and then got retangled with other bits and twists and turns.  For a very long time, I could not find the ends of anything, other than the two original ends we found.  Just before we left stitching last night to go home, I found a second end of the thickest green yarn.

I took it home with me and worked on it for a couple of hours.  I was tied up in a section of fine thread eyelash yarn, which is a very dark green, and decided that waiting for morning and light was a really good idea.  I am glad I did.

It took a while, but I found where the largest green yarn was tied to a novelty yarn, and was able to ball that up.  I now had two balls from opposite ends of the yarn but I also had a way better idea of the yarn combinations involved.  There wasn't always 2 yarns like I thought, and once I knew which yarn was stranded alone everything became easier.  It took another couple hours in the morning, but it was eventually tamed.  That fine thread of eyelash and its green yarn companion was the last section un-knotted in the very middle of the ball.

 It may not look like much.  It is, after all, just a ball of interesting yarn.

But it looks and feels like success to me and that is a great way to start a morning.

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Sel and Poivre said...

Oh my but you are having a lot of satisfying conclusions to things these days!