Monday, 20 July 2015


I've been on a spree of finishing things lately.  I finished the lovely Viajante which has been in the works for 2 years.  I correctly finished the very pleasing Clapotis which had been laying around, waiting for repair for 2 years.  I finished a sweater that had been on the needles for 2 years.

Yesterday, it felt right to finish something else.

I picked up my Myliu Lino which I finished knitting in April.  It has been waiting for sewing seams and for weaving in the ends for many weeks.  It just felt like the right time.

 I was a little concerned about the seams, but then I do avoid seams.  I work very hard to do that. It never turns out so bad in the end.  Even the lace sections seams are pretty decent and that is where I was really worried.  I really ought to stop avoiding seams.

I started this top with 2 bags of 10 balls each of Rowan Bamboo Tape.   I used all but 1 scant ball. There are 950 grams of yarn in this top.  It is going to grow longer just because there are 950 grams of yarn in it, not for any other reason.  But it is lovely.

It doesn't look like much here.  The form is very small.  I originally bought it, with the plan to use it as a base for a new custom fit dress form. Until then, sweaters will look crappy on it, and spectacular on me.

This sweater looks spectacular on me.  I am so very very pleased.  That wide swath of fabric flows just as it should and it just looks exactly right.  After I took this photo I sat down to weave in ends. 

Remember those 20 balls?  There were a lot of ends to weave and secure,  Plus each of those ends need a little knot so that the fabric that makes up the tapes little knitted tube, does not unravel.  It took forever.  And ever.

But it is done and I love it.

Next up, yet another sweater that has been sitting in the wings, waiting for finishing. A finishing frenzy?  Not quite, but I am enjoying it.  I gotta go figure out where all these finished things are going to fit now.  My drawers are full and the closet is tiny.  But that is another story.

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Sel and Poivre said...

That. Is. Gorgeous. Such a perfect summer top. Beautiful job!