Monday, 8 June 2015

Odds and Sods.

I was kind of hoping to have an almost complete sweater to show you, but it is in the corner and I am having a good long think about it.  There is a thing happening on it that I do not like and no one but me to decide what I ought to do.  I highly suspect that I will pull it back to the underarms or very near there at least.


What to do, what to do when the world isn't going your way?  Well, at least I kept busy.

I pulled out everything I had that needed finishing and wove in ends.  There were 2 things, Cassie's sweater, and my Kureyon sweater.  Cassie's is complete now. 

 I wove in ends when I was at the neighbourhood SnB and sewed buttons on this morning. (The pins are acting as button stand-ins)

It looks ever so much nicer in real life.  The colours tend to get washed out in the daylight with my little camera.

The Kureyon sweater had all its ends woven in on Friday night as I sat up late watching movies. There still are some things to be worked on, such as deciding what kind of closures to use and what to do about the neckline - I am debating adding an i-cord - still to come, but it is ready for whatever I do decide.  Pictures of it then.

And then what.  Other than the buttons, that left a whole lot of weekend.  

I loved this sweater, and I think about knitting another better version all the time.  It had its flaws but it was a fun knit and I love the idea of how it was constructed.  its flaws eventually acted to kill it.  

The front is the amazing Drops Big Fabel and the back ordinary Cascade 220.  I wore it a lot and one slightly less than careful wash for only a couple minutes, led to its being felted.  I still wore it but each wash made the felting worse.  I cut off the felted bits, and deconstructed the whole thing to end up with lovely piles of curls,
which eventually became sturdy balls of yarn destined for socks.

I ought to be able to get two pairs of socks from this, with a little bit left over.  And, since I don't have any socks but for Frankensocks on the go, the socks will be a reality soon enough.

And that was my weekend.  A weekend of bits and bobs and odd and ends. Now I must go face the music and face that sweater.  No point in delaying.  The coffee is on and it is time.


Anonymous said...

Love the colours in both. GY

Brendaknits said...

That is an intersting sweater. I don't remember it from your posts, but glad you showed it again.