Tuesday, 9 June 2015


I delayed looking at the sweater.  

As you can see, knitting happened.  Oh the games we play when we wish to avoid something more difficult.

That is actually sock two.  It is morning, early morning, and yes the coffee is ready.  This is yesterday's sock one.

I had a little fun with it.  I decided to change up from my usual heel of late and the toe too.  I went with a more standard, but knit to fit my stubby foot kind of toe.  A standard heel is usually done on a few less than half the stitches, but I wanted an older fashioned heel.  3 stitches extra per side were added and that became this nice deeply cupped heel.

And I did a slipped stitch heel for that little extra, putting the firmness and extra tightness where my wearing pattern always puts the holes and not on the back of the foot where the usual top down heel flap would have them.  And then a nice short cuff  which kind of works for my stubby thick feet and ankles.

Sock two, as you can see from photo number one, is well on its way to completion.  I expect it will be done by midday.  

The coffee is on.  And once the sock is done, maybe I'll be cured of trying to avoid the sweater.

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