Friday, 5 June 2015

Into the stretch

I am deep into the stretch.  Not the home stretch.  That is a ways off, but I am definitely into the stretch.

 It's going to look like this for a while.
I am messing with the front of the sweater somewhat. One of the other things I am working on is the Still Light sweater, and I confess to being fascinated by the front pocket on that sweater.  I haven't yet gotten to the knitting of the pocket, but I do like the approach, and I appear to be heading for an inspired by look for this sweater.  

That is what happens when you read ahead in sweater patterns.  All of a sudden you find yourself knitting stuff from one into the other.  Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much but no matter.  In the end, you usually get a sweater to wear.

I have a bunch of things I am piling up in front of me to do on the weekend.  I really would like to get them finished.  Yes finishing.  The lovely Muylio Lino, Cassie little sweater, my Kureyon sweater from so very long ago, I barely remember knitting it, and one to take apart that makes me sad, but the front is good yarn and the back is getting felted.  There is a story there, but that will wait for next week.

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