Monday, 1 June 2015

just goofin' around

Recently, as in today, I picked up a replacement for my ancient (vintage 2007) laptop whose built in wifi died.  I also needed to upgrade my very serviceable, but no longer supported by anybody Playbook.  I am not putting either of these aside.

The laptop still works and I do still use it, but everything I do on it has to be manually transferred by USB flash drive.  Mostly it is used for writing.  All of the files were moved to Brians old behemoth computer so the little lappy is really just for the stuff that comes in between the writing that I do here.  It is, old as it is, sometimes a backup for a lot of the woolly stuff too.  

I love my Playbook.  It just is such a sound piece of equipment.  I can drop it and have done so many, many times and it just shows up to work.  Playbooks small size makes it a great reader platform for e books and the ability to change its reading screen to night reading was greatly appreciated on some very long nights in hospital.

 I had hoped to simply use my very large phone, but even with its large screen (as big as many small tablets and e readers), it had issues. It could do Audible and it could do Netflix, but the type was just too small and it was so painfully slow.  It does not even come close to being an adequate e reader.  It has been fine in a pinch, but I am so tired of pinching.

Please forgive me.  I am going to play a little.

My new tea tins.  They were close.  I had just finished putting the tea in them before I went off to pick up this little unit. Camera.  Tested.  Upload.  Tested.  Blog post test.  In progress.

If anybody is interested, I bought a Microsoft Surface.  Not the fancy pro kind, just the new Surface 3.  I wanted something that could do the things my little laptop could do for me without the weight. It is a tablet that runs on regular windows software, so everything I could do on a small laptop is doable here.  It has a USB port and expandable memory too.  Even with the pop off keyboard, it is light enough that I can carry it with me whereever I go.  

Well, now that I have updated my device portfolio it is time to complete the upload and blogging test.  Plus it is time to knit.  And maybe have some of that nice tea via Steeped Tea  that I got these neat little containers for and...

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Brendaknits said...

Iam very iterested in your microsoft surface. My next techno gadget will also be a two-for-one device.Currently I have a laptop and a tablet and a phone. I would really like to combine the tablet and laptop into one device, so I will be interested to see how you like yours. Please keep us posted.