Monday, 1 June 2015

Just a Zipping Along

I am just zipping along.

I love working with this yarn.  It would be considered splitty by many, but I think that is part of why I am enjoying it so much.  Its a challenge to keep those little smooth loops smooth.  

And there is the ever entertaining twisted stitches.  The narrow little collar ribbing was twisted.  The raglan 'seams' were twisted as well.  I have done a try on and my early unblocked try says the raglan does indeed work well for me with this wider, more open collar. I made some changes to the rate of increases at certain points along the fronts but you cannot tell at all where they are.  The perfect line of open work holes remains.

Now that I am below the underarm joins, the side 'seam' is marked  by a set of twisted stitches, which will continue down the side of the body and the sleeve 'seams' continue the distinctive little trim.

These small twisted sections keep popping up in the field of stockinette and it keeps it interesting.  It's a small reward that your head waits for and starts to crave.

We shall see how far we get before we power out.  If we power out.  Or not.  These twisted stitches are messing with my mind.  Its like two row stripes.  You just have to keep knitting.

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