Friday, 15 May 2015


I have been a little distracted lately, distracted by this. 

Such a mass of wonderful things, isn't it? This is the remains of a road trip I took with a good friend.  

We went south.  There is a great place in DeWinton, south of Calgary.  Shuttleworks.  They sell looms and wheels and oh my goodness, they are just chock full of good stuff.  It's a very inspiring place to be!  They carry huge stock of things for weaving; linens, cotton linens (two white spools and the navy)silk, and coned goodness of several wonderful wools.  They carry a good range of Brown Sheep yarns, though not quite every line that Brown Sheep makes.  They do carry every yarn that Briggs and Little makes, and for each yarn line that they carry, they keep every colour in stock too.  this means that no matter what you want, they can do a sweater quantity.

The Shuttleworks haul:
 Briggs and Little Sport.  Short sighted people would call this brown.  As you can see, it is so much more than brown.
 Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport in a fantastic colour called Cherries Jubilee.  It's rich reds and moves to soft rose.  Sadly, in this light, I can't seem to get a good colour photo.
 Cotlin that is about a laceweight for I have no idea what but I just felt I needed some, if you know what I mean.
  And a mass of long English Leicester locks dyed the most rich brilliant colours.  

Our second stop was at Custom Woollen Mills.  They have posted their new summer hours so if you stop, make sure you see it.

I love these yarns.  
 This is the Mills new sock yarn.  Its so amazingly soft.  I haven't quite decided if I want to do a good heavy pair of socks out of it, or if its going to be a soft wonderful shawl.
And two of the Prairie Wool 2 plys.  A little something in a shawl out of these.  

I also picked up the darker Alpaca and Wool 2 ply that I used for the border of this shawl.

And then because we travelled on a Thursday, we had time to hit the lovely little shop in Lacombe, Crafty Lady.  

  I picked up pure silk there.  Maharashtra Silk, made in India. that is my only treat from Crafty Lady.  Next time we stop there first!

Every once in a while, you have to do something very different,  Just for the heck of it. Even if it is a distraction.

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