Thursday, 14 May 2015

After an Envelope

After the wee Envelope last week, it was time to start something for his big sister.

I had this fantastic skein of yarn, another Alegria
in bright neon colours.  

Because my sweet Cassie is growing like a weed, I need this sweater to last a while and my lone skein of brilliant won't quite get there.  I needed to add a plain, not just for accent, as I did for her little brother's sweater, but to make sure that it was going to last.

I originally thought to set it off against black, but like often happens, black is just too hard.  I tried a heathered gray, but that was utterly wrong.  I sort of set my mind to use the navy that I used for Marcus' sweater.

Navy was ok, but it wasn't special.  I dithered. I waffled.  And then I remembered I had some purple.  In my head this left over purple Smooshy should work but when I wound the yarn into a skein, I was not so sure.  I dithered and waffled some more.

Insert basket here.  That is what was going on when I made that wonderful basket. Waffling and dithering.

And then it was time to settle down and just try it.  You never really know till you try it.

It's really eye poppingly perfect. 

I have actually knit it to the underarms 3 times now.  Once I had to pull back right to the start, to open the neck line up a little more.  I am still not sure that I have it where I want it, which is a more open neckline than usual, but it is going forward anyhow.  Because after 3 times, well, that is enough. Another time I had to restart because I realized I had forgotten the button holes.  If you are going to knit a sweater and you are planning on buttoning, not zippering, then you really ought to have buttonholes.

Its going to be just an ordinary long sleeve sweater.  I want to knit those and get them done so that I can knit up every inch of the colour to hopefully get an a-line mid thigh, long, little girl swirl of colour.  

Big dreams, and with a little luck, enough yarn.  But it is ok.  I have a plan if it isn't as long as I hope.  It's such a cute plan, I almost hope my original plan doesn't work out!

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