Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A little something that got finished on the way.

I usually have socks going on though for a while, socks were hardly ever on my radar.  The last few months I feel as if I landed on my feet, which is a good thing, if you are talking socks.

These are a good basic toe up sock with just a few differences than my usual.

The usual - Garter square toe knit on 4 dpns.  

The different - Garter stitch short row heel, which I have done before many times before, but I doubled these to see if that will add to the life of the heel before I need to repair it.

The completely not usual - There is patterning here!  I never do patterning, but I was knitting these when I was still working, and was so utterly miserable in the job, that I needed something special, something to look forward to as I knit.  I know.  A pattern on the cuff of your sock shouldn't be the only big thing in your day, but it seriously was.    A nice easy, toe up no purl version of the Monkey sock patttern by Cookie A and Knitty  and based on Jennifer O'Sullivan's Crazy Monkeys variation.

My first just for me pair, though I have knit many more than this!

Now its time to go digging in the sock yarn bin to see what is there that is new and fun to beef up the sad worn state of my sock drawer.  I love socks and it's time to start something new!

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