Thursday, 2 April 2015

The weather unhands me

As time goes forward, and as I age, I find that sometimes, my hands, give out on me.

It is part arthritis, I think.  When the weather is bad, no, that isn't it.  It is more when the weather is about to change, that my hands play up.  They used to feel as if they got stupid.  They couldn't grip things tightly.  They felt puffy and swollen, even when they weren't or did not look it, externally.  The weather has been particularly harsh and changeable this last couple of weeks but more than that,  and worse than that, some of it is stress related.  Stress  makes it worse and my stress levels right now are pretty high.  

When I can't knit long evenings away, my stress levels are higher.  Its kind of  a self reinforcing problem.  

I knit a little last evening on my pretty top. The weight of the fabric makes the time I can work on it less, but it is what my hands are interested in working on.  So small knitting, but knitting.  I worked a little on Viajante too.

But it has been a few quiet knitting days.  Rewarding days, but quiet.  Days need more knitting.    


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Sel and Poivre said...

These days, my days have no knitting at all! Its making me crazy!