Friday, 3 April 2015

And now for the continuing story...

Remember the voice over guy who used to introduce soap operas?  That big voice?  (Boy am I dating myself)

Anyway, the hand issue of yesterday is gone completely and I have been knitting all day and will knit a bit more before I am done.  

I am having such a good time knitting this.  It's like knitting two row stripes or self striping sock yarn.  It just moves fast.

Plus I am far enough past the shoulder seam that I can hold it up from the shoulders and see how it drapes. And it does.  I did change needle sizes as I knit down the sweater, and O. M.G.  It is just beyond what I hoped for. Even now the weight of the yarn is doing exactly what I counted on it doing in just about the nicest possible way.

I am so very very pleased. 

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