Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Goofin around

I escaped my office by heading to the yarn store.  It was kind of stupid.  If I end up poor in my retirement, at least I will be happy.  Just sayin'.

And then I really ought to head to bed.  Wednesday is always such a long day and yet the urge to knit something is unbearable.  I'm back here in my study with all the yarn.  The good needles and all my WIPs are in the living room.  What to do.  I grabbed some needles and a ball of todays new yarns and just played.  Not hard play, just play.

 Kauni.  That pretty blue.  Everybody can use this pretty blue in the colours they could wear.  I want a triangle but one that is wider than long, so I am increasing with a yarn over at the start of each row and then a knit front and back in the first stitch.  It is working just how I hoped.

I have been dreaming of something hap shawl-ish. Or not.  I have no idea why, but I want the edging to be one of those lovely feather and fan variations, something wavy and warm and wearable at all times of year.  Pretty without being thought provoking.

I know that what I probably need is something thought provoking, but I just don't think I have thinking in me right now.  Too much work thinking.  I just need release and good old garter stitch does that every time.

So  there you have it.  Wasting time wisely, just goofin around.  And loving it.

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