Friday, 2 January 2015

What with all the free time...

You didn't think that one swatch was all I have been up to, did you?

Once I realized that I wanted to consult and think about the rust in the Hun sweater, I realized that I would need to knit on something else.  

Not hard to do.

A while ago, I picked up a marvelous Noro.  Karuta by name.  It's a bulky yarn, lots of silk and cotton, os it is a sturdy sort of knit, but it has the most amazing colours.  

 At the same time, I had been pondering the colours of Rowan Pure Wool Worsted.  River City is carrying 50 colours and you all know how I am before a wall of colour.  I fell to my knees in front of that display more than once.  Plus it is a superwash.

I was thinking that it might be a great yarn for kids but i wanted to experience if and check into its superwash ability before knitting something for my kids.

Once I saw the brilliant blues of the Karuta, I knew just what to add to it to play and see what it could be.
Now the trick of this is that they are very very different yarns.  A bulky and a nice worsted.  What could I do that would work for the two yarns?

I went back and forth for a while between patterns, but when Hun, didn't happen as fast as I thought, I decided to play with the other aspect of Hun that I am changing in my version.  For Hun, I am knitting using Need a Circular Yoke so, I thought it might be fun to check books and knitting and writing styles off of my other newer knitting from the top book, The Knitter's Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters.  

I started blindly, not knowing where the gauge games I set out for myself would take me.  Now that I am past the underarms, I am much more comfortable and can tell a couple of things.

It's the right size, but the collar sits lower on my shoulder than I want.  I will have to go back and knit towards the neckline when the body is done. Otherwise?  Good to go.

And the colours are doing exactly what I thought they would.  

Exactly the right way to start a new year.

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