Monday, 5 January 2015

Just before Christmas, my boss kept talking about my knitting and what the name of my store was.  I had to laugh at them.  Not subtle.  My boss gave me a nice gift for Christmas so I went out and bought myself something special.

I had kind of planned to pick up some Malabrigo Rios, but they were terribly picked over, few colours, small quantities, and I was interested in sweater quantities.  I was sitting debating about what I should do, when I caught site of it, sitting on a shelf.

Silk Garden Solo.  I have long coveted this green.  Before I saw it in the stores I coveted it.  When it first hit the distributor websites, I coveted it.  Green, the perfect green.  And they had enough that I could have just used the Solo.

But, I have also been thinking about something that could be knit into a second Undercurrent sweater.  My first was a huge success.

I wear it all the time and it goes with everything I own.

I wondered...I took a look around the store...I found it!

There is no spot where the colour is exactly the same green but I think the colours will all work wonderfully with the Solo green.

Makes my heart beat just a little bit faster when I look at it all piled together like that.


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Anonymous said...

Oh yes> That looks good together. GD