Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Tis the season of yet another holiday and I do wish for good ones for all of you.  As for me, I make mine what I need it to be.  

I so badly needed time away from work to recharge and re-energize and I pretty much am.  I am so energized that I cleaned behind my appliances.  This was needed badly, particularly in the laundry where the vent pipe had come off the dryer.  In order to resolve that, I had to get the shelves moved and once that was resolved, and the shelves were cleaned, I thought I may as well look for the box with all the important papers in it.  Its been missing for months and I will need it shortly.  It had to be magic, but the shelves, which have stood empty for months, now have actual boxes on them and I know what is in them.  Plus, with very little work, I could use the back bathroom, where all the boxes were previously stored, again.

I was so unnerved by this shocking turn of events, that I had to have a knitting break.  Or something like that.

I knit a swatch for Hun.  
 My original colour set is to the right, black, green, rust and two soft naturals on a black background for the colourwork.  Aside from some horrendous colour work, the snowflake colours didn't work and I wasn't sure that the rust worked either.  The rust seemed pretty darn loud.  

I set off to try another combination, to the left, and while I love the way the colourwork looks, using the dark brown for the eyelets seemed pretty blah. Okay, but blah.  

This is where I get to decide, nice but blah, or rust which has punch but might be loud.  Its a tough decision.

Now that the swatch has been washed, the rust seems softer somehow.  I am going to take the swatch and get a few second opinions but a big part of me leans to the rust.

I absolutely love the feel of it though. It could be scratchy to some, I suppose but after being washed, it has a soft feathery feeling all over and I am warm and snuggly, my mind just translates cozy.  I am ridiculously in love with Lopi.

And that isn't a bad way to start off a year.

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