Monday, 5 January 2015

Blue on Blue

There has been a lot of blue knitting the last few days.  

Its a lot of hours of work to get that far in 2 days.

The really interesting part of this is how much time I spend contemplating the difference between knitting wool and the chunky cottony silky goodness of Karuta.

The thing that is amazing, is how easily the gauge issue became not an issue.  I just had to do another increase set at the first round of the wool and I was withing 4 stitches of the pattern books amount needed for the next gauge up.  Coolness and luck.  

I hope.   It is in the wearing that the truth will out.  The gauge games will work or not.  It looks like I have a good shot at it right now, but time will tell if I have it right.

1 comment:

Christine said...

Looking fabulous! You are so talented at fitting garments properly, I am sure it will work out perfectly.