Sunday, 18 January 2015

Finishing days

I had one of those days today, where finishing seemed to be the theme. The count was one big and two small.

I finished Blue today as I thought.  

Here it is drying over the arm of a chair.  I doubt that it will be ready to wear tomorrow but Tuesday, it should be.  The sleeves are perfect.  The length is perfect.  The buttons worked just right.  Practically perfect in every way.  Mary Poppins here I am.

What is tremendously sad to me is that it does not take colour photos that show how good it looks.  The Karuta and the Rowan Pure Wool are actually the perfect match and both have that sort of royal blue that is strong and vibrant but is mostly sunny and summery.  It is perfect for this sweater knit in the darkest days of winter.

And then, with that job done, my hands were a little squiffy.  They did not want to settle.  

I pulled out an old project that I started right before Christmas in 2013.  I was having a thing with Angora and finally felt the need to start working with some of it.  It is inspired by the Inspira Cowl

Originally I had two skeins of each colour set aside for it, but you know, I think this project is going into the gift bin, so really, knitting it long isn't needed.  Even for me, I don't think I would have wanted it much longer than it turned out to be.  I knit 5 colour sections, but the Schulana was running out.  There is a fair bit of the Kimona Angora left though, so down the road, I will get to knit with it again.  

There was still a great deal of day left and I had to do something.  I picked up some socks.

A fine pair of socks if I do say so, but they are wee.  They are for my youngest Grandson Marcus

Who is just about ready to rip his socks off to chew on.

It was a good day.  Finishing remains one of my all time favourite things in knitting. And tomorrow, I shall begin working on Hun.  I am so excited for this.  All that lovely Icelandic wool.  I can't wait!

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Sel and Poivre said...

It does sound like a grand day indeed! But then today, with a new fun project to look forward too isn't too bad either!