Sunday, 18 January 2015

On finishing

All I have left on Blue is the last bits of trim.  Both sleeves are complete.  Now that I have enough yarn to do it right, I am making the bottom band longer to stop any possible rolling issues it may have.  Even of that, I have only 1 ridge to go.  Then button bands, which are a little stockinette roll that will mimic what was the most natural neckline edging ever, with tiny button holes close to the pick up edge and I will be done with Blue.

I miss the part on finishing where I would put it on and share it with Mr. Needles.  We shared that we each had something we were utterly nuts about even though we were nuts about very different things.

Mr. Needles loved searching for shed antlers.  After a days hike through deer country, he would lay them out on the front deck and he would call me and I would come and admire them.  I tried so hard to sound interested but it never made it.  

Sometimes they were, like the time he found one with a spike of bone below the usual natural detachment zone.  Some poor fellow out there in the land of deer had a headache that year , or that over the years he  found the dropped antlers of  the same deer (you can tell they are the same animal because the growth pattern remains the same and the base of the antlers where the natural drop zone is, remains the same through the animals life).  I think he had 6 or eight from the same animal and 6 for sure on  same side of that animals head. 

But for the hundreds and hundreds of antlers that there were in his collection, even though I tried, my interest level made it impossible to stay with it for more than a few seconds.  About like his interest in wool.

The world without that special person is a very different country than the world with him.  This isn't big sadness, just a sort of pining for my old home.

As I am finishing Blue, I remember my old country and miss it just a little.

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