Tuesday, 20 January 2015

There were thoughts of starting another project in my head, but my hands refused to cooperate.  Or maybe it was that my hands were interested but there were no thoughts of the new sweater in my head.  I really don't know which, but I had trouble settling last night.

I ended up working on a standby project.  At the bottom of a basket near me, there is a work in progress afghan.  It is just a single square, a granny square, grown out of all proportion.

It isn't just the ubiquitous groups of three stitches, with a chain.  I am varying the rounds with rounds of solid stitching too.  Beyond this, though, it is going to be a giant granny square.

I did this once before.
 Before it was stolen from me by one of my sons, I kept the blanket close by.  I wore it as shawl and covered me with it as blanket.

It was snuggly and had morphed into this amazingly soft liquid thing that just cuddled and clung in all the right ways.

I have only one nice blanket here with me now and it was time for a little something else.  Besides, it is winter and working on a blanket which covers your lap as it grows is a wonderful thing.

I expect to settle down to something in a few days, but till then my hands keep busy.

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