Friday, 12 December 2014

Have you ever met...

Have you ever met a person who simply personified a certain kind of yarn?  I work with just such a gentleman.  

He is an older gent and valued at my workplace because of his contacts, built through a lifetime of business in industry in and around Alberta.  I value him as a co-worker because he is the most caring soul on earth.  

And the very minute I met him, I knew exactly what I would knit for him someday.  I didn't think I would have time this year but I do!

My friend Bob is a Illimani Royal  alpaca kind of guy. 

He just exudes caring and kindness and has the softest sweetest heart, just like this yarn.  He even kind of reminds me of the heathery looks of these soft grays.  That part makes me laugh a little but I showed it to my co-worker who has known him for a long time, and even she thought it was just perfect and completely Bob.

There should be enough for a little something more feminine for Mrs. Bob, whom I haven't met but who has sent many kindnesses by way of Bob. I think I will aim for a nice ribbed scarf maybe a two by two rib, or a 3 x 2 rib for Bob and one of the cute flared end scarves  for Mrs. Bob.  

It is 600 metres of delicous knitting and its going to keep me busy for a bit.  First up though, there is a Cowl to finish.  That should happen by the time the movie ends tonite and then onward to a busy knitting weekend.

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