Thursday, 11 December 2014


I had just finished knitting with the dark grey on that big cowl I am working on, when I took a short trip down the hall.  And then I went to the study at the far end of my home.  There was something clinging to my ankle.  

It was a perfect double strand of the dark grey.  All the way across my house.   

I know it has been done before, but I untangled myself and made sure the ends were on the appropriate pile of fibre.  I did not count on the forces of static electricity.  The must have touched my pants as I walked by and clung.  I tried picking up the strands and that was fine.  

Till I tried to put the yarn down.  Did not want to leave me.            I had to take my wool sweater off.  I worry that as I sleep tonite the yarn will come creeping down the hall and come and cling to me. So...

If nobody hears from me for a couple of days.  Come and save me.  I am stuck in a pile of static filled yarn.  

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