Sunday, 14 December 2014

A very knitting weekend

Made myself sit down and finish everything.  Except for the pretty red sweater for my Sweet Thing.  That will be this weeks adventure.

But today was finishing day here at Chez Needles.  The study smells wet and wooly.

I finished my vest out of Prairie Wool.

Washed and laid out to dry as it will be whenever I need to clean it.  There are a few thing I might do differently, such as make one extra set of short rows on the fronts to give it just the smallest bit more ease, but oh well.  It will generally be worn open anyway.

I finished Bob.
That is what I am calling this scarf for the guy I work with.  Very very Bob and I am so pleased with it.  Mrs. Bob is going to have to wait though. Sweet Thing first.

The Big Garter Stitch Cowls are blocked.  They are wonderfully dense and sink your fingers into it good.

I blocked the Bracket Form today too.

That had to go down over the edge, but it will suffice.  I don't really like to block garter stitch shawls too hard.

And while I was making a mess with a tub full of water and spinning things dry, I washed an old sweater that needed it so I could get it back into the wear cycle.

Oh yeah.  Besides all that, I knit a little something for the last person on the list for the hamper.  

The Skyping Beanie  An odd name for a hat, but a very nice hat pattern.  Very guy, if you know what I mean. A nice change from all ribs but still good and stretchy.  It will fit a lot of heads.

A busy weekend, but i had a really good time.

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Brendaknits said...

Fun for sure. They all look great. I love the colours of the vest.